Should you be worried about a light relief scam? If you are suffering from chronic pain, or you are just looking for a natural way to relieve pain, you may have considered natural pain relief as an option at some point. Natural pain relief has the indisputable advantage over artificial methods such as taking chronic medication.

If you do not already know, light relief is a tiny device designed to relieve pain. It does this by emitting LED rays into your body’s deep tissue. This is what light relief is in a nutshell. However, in this review, I will go deeper into this concept of pain relief and answer five of the most popular and important questions which you need answered before you make up your mind about light therapy.

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1. What is light relief?

Okay so first thing’s first, we will look at what light relief is exactly. As stated above, it is a small device designed to relieve pain by way of emitting LED rays into your body’s deep tissue. In summary it is a pain relief device.

2. What does light relief do?

Since it is a pain relief device, light relief naturally relieves pain such as muscular pain, joint pain and headaches. You get other pain relief devices out there, but what makes light relief different is that it makes use of light therapy. Other devices makes use of electrotherapy and mechanical therapy treatments to alleviate pain.

Okay, so back to what light relief does and how it does it. As mentioned, the device emits LEDs into your body’s deep tissue. These rays are focussed on alleviating the symptoms of pain, and have been shown to be effective in managing pain and achieving pain relief. It is simple to use – you merely rub it over the affected area and it takes care of the rest for you.

3. Is There A Light Relief Scam?

Understandably this is an important question. Any person looking for a method of pain relief will want to know whether the method is effective, safe and reliable. If these are the questions that you need answered about the company then yes, you can trust them. You do not need to be concerned about being scammed by the light relief company. The company backs up their claims by offering a free 30 day trial, so you can test it out risk-free and decide for yourself whether the product lives up to its claims.

4. Who is light relief for?

Light relief is meant for anybody looking to relieve pain, whether chronic or due to injury. That said, elderly people suffering from joint pain would find light relief as an effective way of soothing their pain, athletes would find the product helpful in relieving pain, and even the everyday man or woman who experiences the usual ache or pain can use light relief and make use of its benefits.

5. How can I get started using light relief?

You can visit their website and take up their free 30 day trial which is on offer. If you are satisfied with the product (which you likely will be), you can purchase the product from the company. If however you are unsatisfied, you merely return the product and you are free to look for an alternative treatment or method for relieving your pain.

Pain is something which people need to be dealt with effectively as it has an impact on our daily activities, and can even limit the extent to which we perform those activities. No pain relief device is a final cure for pain, but light relief is definately a reliable and trusted product. So, if you are suffering from pain, try the product out for 30 days. You need not suffer with pain when you can alleviate your pain with this product.


Light relief is not for everybody, but there are many satisfied customers, and there certainly is no “light relief scam”. This product is an overall excellent modern pain relieving device.

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Natural Pain Relief

The thing about natural pain relief treatments is the fact that it is natural, as opposed by the all too artificial offerings of medication treatments through drug administration or other hullabaloos of clinical medication. They are effective, admittedly, but natural pain relief treatments offer the freedom from anxieties brought by possible side effects. But the effectual quality of the natural pain relief treatments may not live up to the immediate effects of artificial pain relief methods. This is due to the deliberately engineered, fast pain relief action of most drugs like mefenamic acid and ibuprofen, unlike the take-your-time, slowly-but-surely, action of natural pain relief treatments. The question for most natural pain relief treatments is its efficiency. Does natural pain relief work? Is it practical? Is it efficient?

Some natural pain relief treatments have been subject to controversies regarding the alleged scams of the treatment. Some natural pain relief ads may be true, but some may be not. For all we know the easy and natural answer to one’s chronic pain may be hidden like a shining needle in a haystack of crooks, a gem in the world of hoaxed natural pain relief products. It is difficult to find the honest one amongst a sea of lies. But natural pain relief treatments, if genuine, can become a cheaper and more accessible alternative to regular drugs or injections. Products and devices that have cropped up across the web market, from lamps to lasers, caught the attention of the curious, and perhaps even the desperate, chronic pain relief treasure-hunter. Natural pain relief treatment may include the ingestion of fruits, leaves, or other natural oils that are said to remove one’s pain. But the most common form of natural pain relief gimmicks are of devices advertised through the internet and through television home shopping channels that could otherwise fool the ignorant viewer. One of the most controversial natural pain relief advertisements that received much public bashing is the so-called “light relief” treatment.

Light relief treatment is a form of photonic treatment that stands on the claim of certain manufacturers that light can relax tissues thereby improving circulation, muscle tone, and perhaps even over all tissue condition. They said that this form of natural pain relief treatment may relieve muscle pain, joint pain, or even arthritic pain. But again, the question still stands: Light relief, does it work? What the light treatment offers remains to be a subject of scientific scrutiny. Psychology, however, may say that light improves the mood, hereby removing one of the factors of depression, hence hormonal release that may improve one’s mental condition in battling agonizing pain. However, the nature of products advertised as light relief treatments as natural pain relief agents may prove to be, indeed, scientifically questionable. There are many forms of light therapy that have become available in the market; all bearing the title natural pain relief treatments. The most common is the infrared light therapy. Others include the LED light therapy. Some simply delve into direct, visible light therapy, focusing white light into localized spots. Whatever is the best in the art of natural pain relief is left to consumer reviews and experience.

One of the controversial websites that claims to possess the power to naturally remove all the pain just by switching on bulbs is The site offers the natural pain relief services of an LED infrared light pain relief device that claims to remove any form of pain in a local site by just simply pressing a button that channels light to the surface of the skin, allegedly allowing smoother blood flow and improved tissue status. This form of targeted LED light therapy is said to relieve pain in just a few minutes. But the light relief scam surfaced after many consumer complaints appeared in various websites. It was revealed that many of the customers of failed to receive the products after payment. Some may have received it, but the product itself does not live up with expectations, gravely. The Food and Drug administration of the United States did not affirm any merit of this natural pain relief treatment, but the product itself has been approved and ratified as harmless.

Natural Pain ReliefNatural pain relief through light therapy may have some basis on the soothing and calming nature of light, especially infrared light. Light was also said to have a minor, relaxing effect upon inflammation. This positive effect is the one that was exploited by marketers like the one involved in the scam. It clear, nonetheless, the light treatment may have some shaky scientific basis, but it is still subject to further testing and confirmation through intensive research, intensive research not only with the light therapy but with every natural pain relief treatment that may be exploited by opportunistic manufacturers trying to fool the customers to gain profit.

It is clear that natural pain relief may provide natural alternative as much as organic fertilizer replacing artificial ones. Natural pain relief is not impossible, but the nature of businessmen to create hoaxes makes genuine treatments difficult to attain. As per the alternative form of treatments that one may pursue in relief of pain, natural pain relief offers a useful and perhaps a more healthy form of result than common medications.



Pain Relief Devices

Pain relief devices are commonly masqueraded as a form of natural pain relief method. Pain relief devices prevent the use of artificially created drugs which may prove to be more expensive, impractical, and unhealthy in the long run. Any artificially made product for that matter may be considered an effective way of relieving chronic pain, but pain relief devices may offer a one-time big expense that may help in common chronic pain relief like joint pains, headaches, and the like without further damage to one’s wallet.

Pain relief devices may take the form of light relief treatments, electrotherapy treatments, or mechanical therapy treatments. One may consider a massager to be one of the pain relief devices depending on the terms of use. The healing lamp is one of the most popular forms of pain relief devices. The healing lamp is commonly advertised as a useful form of treatment for the relaxation of tissues to improve circulation, respiration, and passage of waste products produced by cells through the use of photons or light. These light relief methods may use LED therapy, utilizing infrared light to perform the treatment, a technology exploited by most light pain relief devices. But light relief reviews have been polarized all the same; some alleging its positive effects through scientific facts that light can be positively impactful in terms of improving one’s psychological disposition, especially in battling diseases or injuries that may cause pain and depression, exacerbating the problem. While some consumer reviews are scathing at best. Scams also exist among pain relief devices especially the light treatment method. The light relief scam is said to be a notorious pain relief devices scam which fools the customer into paying for the device which will never be delivered.

Pain Relief DevicesThe palliation that pain relief devices offer may indeed be a form of hoax by opportunistic manufacturers taking advantage of consumer ignorance. The placebo effect is also applicable amongst the genre of pain relief devices. The placebo effect is a psychological effect on which the symptoms of an illness are cured by the application of an inert drug, or any medically inactive forms of treatment, practically fooling the patient into believing that a cure has been administered and it should work in no time at all — a very convenient effect for pain relief devices manufacturers. The placebo effect among pain relief devices is a possible positive result that may arise due to the psychological condition of the patient being cured because of the treatment. This may be a good way of inducing knee pain relief, shoulder pain relief, and muscle pain relief.

Like all pain relief devices, the reviews given by consumers who allegedly bought the light relief device from the website may or may not be true. Websites have cropped up dedicated to such bashing of pain relief devices, but the merit of such devices is best left to scientific speculation and medical experts. Research is continuing as regards to the credibility of the principles by which pain relief devices work, especially the most market-profitable light relief treatments. Through scientific means, it is easier to deduce what products from pain relief devices can be considered as having higher credibility over others. It works basically on the physiological mechanisms governing pain and discovering ways to prevent it from progressing.

Relieving the pain as what pain relief devices allegedly does can be considered as a form of art. It is not easy to do, and yet it is one of the most sought for treatments in the medical world. Artificial treatment may be sought even with the most simple of pains. Common pains like muscle pain are usually due to a build-up of chemicals which are not naturally found in the site where pain is localized. Pain involves the functioning of nerves in order to transmit the signal to the brain, and this is where pain relief is targeted. An example of a very important nerve is the sciatic nerve which transmits signals from the lower limbs up to the spinal cord and to the brain. It is therefore deducible that the sciatic nerve functions for all the sensations involve in our feet and legs, even pain. In this case pain relief treatment, whether the pain relief devices of one of the natural methods, or the artificially created drugs, may target the nerve for palliation. Analgesics target various signaling mechanisms in order to relieve the patient of pain. Other artificial treatments like invasive surgeries attempt to permanently remove the problem by repair, transplant, or removal of the direct cause of pain. Natural pain relief methods rely mainly on non-invasive and non-chemically reliant ways in order to relieve pain, and pain relief devices offer such a solution to the particular problem. However the offer of pain relief devices in saving the patients from the bothersome nature of pain has only been met mostly with disappointment.

Even though pain is a natural phenomenon, some people have indeed a lower threshold in bearing pain. Desperate measures may be taken by such people, like buying the unbelievable marketing strategies of the scam, or any other for that matter. Pain relief devices may be effective or not, a question that should be answered intelligently and not recklessly. The credibility of pain relief devices may be attested by valid and unbiased assessment and not through the bitter nature of websites that seem only dedicated for the sole pleasure of flaming a particular product. Awareness is the key. Awareness with the scientific credentials of the principles involve in pain relief devices may prove to be helpful in consumer judgment, instead of groping in the dark trying to look for something that wasn’t there in the first place.